Frequently Asked Questions. Style and syntax are streamlined where possible.

Question: We need to ************ (the content of the request removed due to confidentiality) as announced on your Web Site, but we need this to be done only once. Will you do that job?

stock-market-chart-13538003Answer: We provide services on a single case and repetitive basis as well as sequences of services. What really is important is that we must have our own or have access to hired professional staff able to deliver result, and that the business itself and assistance or support that we are to provide are all legitimate. Finally, we must be confident that we will perform perfectly whatever that means in each case… .

Question: …Written translation from French into Russian, industrial text, 45 A4 pages — can you do it in one week?

Answer: As we see in your address card you reside in Moscow suburbs meaning easy access to the city. We typically supply services to companies operating  from a distance to Moscow (and to foreign companies operating from outside Russia) when personal presence here is irrational. We are not a translation bureau after all, but we could recommend you a reputable translation bureau with remote clients service.

Question: Do you accept cash or plastic?

Answer: As of today we do not provide services to individuals —  it is companies only.  Services are provided through a Contract with payment to a bank account here in Moscow.

Question:  ….. required to collect data on  *********** (removed – confidentiality) from partners ************ (removed – confidentiality) first by e-mail. The data to be entered into our DB with content verification and control of errors/typing errors. Same data will be coming in with mail on hard-copy originals a bit later. DB records need to be verified against originals and corrected when necessary. Thereafter originals need to be translated into English and mailed to our office  in ….

Answer: Such multiple services sequences are exactly what we are doing — lets discuss details…